Dom Pérignon Spiegelau Authentis Champagne Glasses

Dom Pérignon Spiegelau Authentis Champagne Glasses

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    Dom Pérignon’s chefs de caves have long extolled the virtues of serving champagne in larger-bowled glasses, which allow the bubbles to develop slowly and release aromas more evenly.
    Designed by German glassware experts Spiegelau, these crystal glasses are shaped more like white wine glasses, with a wide bowl and tapered flute. A Dom Pérignon insignia along their base adds elegance.

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    Dom Pérignon Spiegelau Authentis Champagne Glass

    Authentis has merged expert craftsmanship and glassware research to create these crystal champagne glasses – brilliantly clear, resistant to breakage and 100% dishwasher safe. This is the new generation of professional wine glasses by Spiegelau, designed to harmonise the flavours and aromas of champagne.
    Volume: 42.0cl / Height: 21.0cm / Length: 8.5cm / Width: 8.5cm


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