Aleppo Soap – Syria origin

Aleppo Soap – Syria origin

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Pamper yourself with a piece of luxury and well-being. The 100% natural vegetable soap from 60% olive oil and 40% laurel oil – TOITOGO “Aleppo Soap” was handmade in Syria according to the traditional recipe of the Aleppo boilers with much love and hand-cut – no industrial goods. Extra long matured to reach skin-friendly PH values of 8-9.

✅ Ideally suited for daily body care -TOITOGO Aleppo Soap is a high-quality curd soap which is ideal as hair soap, shaving soap, shower soap, solid shampoo and for face cleansing. Blemished skin, acne, spots or blackheads? Many of our customers use our Aleppo soap precisely for this reason. The biodegradable soap (zero waste) is said to have helped many people with dry, sensitive and irritating skin.

✅ Experience the delicate cleaning with a clear conscience. The natural soap with the valuable oils is extremely skin-friendly, it cleans gently and lastingly, also perfect for beard care. Original Aleppo soap contains no preservatives and chemical tensides, no artificial colours or fragrances, no parabens, no microplastics, no silicones and of course no animal experiments (animals love our Aleppo soap). It is the natural soap par excellence.

✅ Do your skin only good. TOITOGO Aleppo soap enriched with the high laurel oil content moisturizes and protects the natural skin barrier. In the first few days of use, you will find that your hair has become slightly greasy and stringy, which is a good sign, the silicone residues from the shampoos will dissolve. Do not give up, after about 30 days your hair and skin will radiate as healthy as ever.

✅ We have complete confidence in our Aleppo soap and are convinced that you will love it too. Should it still not meet your requirements, we are always ready to refund you the full purchase amount. You can always shop with us without any risk.

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