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Faramir ``Yacht`` is the name of the new Champagne, Wine & Delicious Gourmet delivery service that from our Warehouses in Preston in Lancashire reaches the main ports of the United Kingdom, Malta and Canary Islands. Being on the high seas, from today, will no longer be an excuse for not having a reserve up to par and the highest quality products.
Faramir, the food-tech company that delivers Champagne, Wines and Delicious Gourmet directly on board, provides the solution. With its new ``Yacht`` service, once the order is completed, it will be possible to receive the product purchased online by providing the port in which the boat that needs refueling is docked.


  • Fresh Black Summer Truffle 100 gr. Tuber Aestivum

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    send a request for the price
  • DE LUCA Brothers – Red Wine Montepulciano Doc

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  • De Luca Brothers – Gocce del Conte Genoino Passito Red

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“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be realy tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

Alicia Griffith
Alicia GriffithNY

“I love your products and the customer support that your wonderful team provides. It means a lot to know that all your inquiries are taken care of. Thanks for your great work!”

James Smith
James SmithAZ

“When a beautiful design is combined with powerful technology, it truly is an artwork. I love how my website operates and looks with this theme. Thank you for the awesome product.”

Kira Jones
Kira JonesCA

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Four plants are indispensable for the nature of man who plows the seas:
wheat, the vine, the olive tree, and aloe.
The first nourishes it, the second strengthens its spirit, the third brings harmony, the fourth heals it.

Christopher Columbus 1451 – 1506


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Giorgio Maria
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The 2003 vintage is one of Dom Pérignon’s boldest champagnes – an example of the maison’s signature style crafted in extreme circumstances.

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